Bloody Mary Featuring Old Bay Is the New Big Hit

Published on November 1, 2021

Old bay is a must-have spice when it comes to cooking seafood in the summer, and it can be used for almost anything in terms of seasoning. This blend of spices has become so popular that you can buy a balance of the Old Bay Bloody Mary now.

Bloody Marys are a combination of vodka as well as tomato juice mixed with all kinds of seasoning as well as garnishes. It should be more a savory drink, so virtually nothing is beyond the limits when it comes to its ingredients. Both Old Bay and Bloody Mary work well together, but it could be difficult to find the mix. 

A photo [email protected] showing the mix next to some spicy Old Bay sauce appeared on Instagram. The original poster found the mix in a small local supermarket in Maryland. 

Amazingly enough, although this blend is not widely available in food stores and drink shops, Amazon will sell it to you online. You might have to wait for a little for it to be delivered, but that gives you plenty of time to play around with what toppings when the time comes.