Here's What You Can't Eat On Whole30 -
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Here's What You Can't Eat On Whole30

If you’re planning to do Whole30, then there are quite a few rules to follow. It’s important to know what you can eat, but the things that you need to cut out are forbidden - you simply can’t have any of these in the 30 day period. It may seem tough, but it’s only 30 days, which isn’t very long in the scheme of things, especially if you want to treat your body as the temple it is. 

The reason that these foods are out while doing Whole30 is that they may be a “trigger” food for you. It’s not that these foods are bad, but they may be the reason that you feel bloated or have a dodgy tummy. By eliminating them for 30 days, and then re-introducing them, you can find out which ones affect you.

Here's What You Can't Eat On Whole30

So, here’s what you should cut out on Whole30:

1. Alcohol

You can’t have a sociable beverage when doing Whole30, and that means no adding wine when cooking either. Keep an eye out for things like vanilla extract, which contain alcohol. Alcohol has a lot of sugar, so it makes sense that it shouldn’t be consumed during the plan.

2. Processed Foods 

Processed foods have ingredients such as sulfites, MSG, and carrageenan, which can all upset the tummy. Avoid these during Whole30. 

3. Dairy

No cow’s milk, cream, cheese, or butter shall pass your lips for 30 days. The only exception is ghee, that you can use for prepping food.

4. Sugar 

Sugar is out. Don’t have anything with real or artificial sugar. This can be tricky, as sugar is added to so many foods. Cut out Stevia, Splenda, honey, and maple syrup. Check shop-bought sauces - most have sugar added, so you can’t have those either.

5. Grains

Although wheat isn’t bad for you, it can upset your equilibrium - so don’t have bulgur, buckwheat, corn, quinoa, rye, millet, or sprouted grains. 

6. Legumes 

Beans are also not allowed during Whole30. That means no chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, edamame, and tofu. 

7. Junk Food 

Don’t have anything that constitutes junk during the plan. Don’t even try recreating “junk” like pizza from cauliflower. This is to ensure balance and kickstart healthier methods. 

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