The Easiest and Best Ways to Eat Cauliflower

Published on March 31, 2021

How many of you have wanted to make something with cauliflower and thought it was too much work? We have some great news: the cooking of this brassica, a fashionable veggie for a couple of years, has never been easier with a host of new convenience products far beyond the simple rice.   

Caulipower has a standard and palaeo-friendly cauliflower-based baking mix (the variant Paleos uses almond flour instead of rice). Cauliflower meal is also made by Glean.   

Kitchen & Love has three global flavors, Peruvian vegetable ceviche, Indian vegetable curry, and Moroccan vegetable harissa, which are meant for fast-paced meals. You could eat them warm or cold. 

Path of Life has cauliflower fried rice in the frozen food aisle if you need more than one serving of cauliflower. 

From the Ground Up has cauliflower substitutes for all of your favorite foods like pretzels as well as cheez-its. 

And chocolate ice cream is made out of cauliflower by Peekaboo. Don't worry, the taste is spot on. You will probably not even notice the difference between the cauliflower icecream and your regular ice cream. The chocolate does its work perfectly.