The New Fire-Pit BBQ

Published on April 8, 2021

Every barbecue party goes well when you’re enjoying it with your family and friends. In most cases, the one who prepares the BBQ often misses out all the fun. But not anymore, now there’s an outdoor dining table/barbeque grill at the center, allowing everyone, including the grill master to be part of the conversation.  The JAG Grill is a 3-In-1 grill (Grill / Fire-Pit / Table) with eight individual grilling and wooden surfaces to allow everyone to prepare their own meal and eat it together while sharing stories and creating memories.

This grill takes the pressure off one person to do all the cooking. Vegetarians and vegans can rest assured their food isn’t touched by meat. Everyone can sit down together and enjoy cooking their own meal. When everyone is finally satisfied, the barbecue converts into an open fire pit so the party is kept going. Aside from cooking food, this outdoor dining table can also be used as a heater during cold evenings. There’s no need to move indoors and end the fun. 

These outdoor grills/fire-pits/tables are not cheap, coming in at $2,500, however, imagine how many nights you’ll get around one. They come in two sizes - an eight-seater or a six-seater. The six-seater version has only one grill so it is only suitable for meat-eaters or if one is only cooking the same sort of food.