Refurbish Your Kitchen Like Kourtney Kardashian

Published on October 17, 2021

Another week and, another look from Poosh at the new Kourtney lifestyle blog. Kourtney had shared a link to a new post called "Everything You Need To Organize Your Pantry," which shows that her kitchen is structured just as well as Khloe's. It's also extremely cost-effective– with some Amazon staples, you can duplicate her style.

Her post breaks objects into several main products: cans, bottles, and stickers. Kourtney swears and uses the etiquette maker to mark the expiry date on the plastic pots on foods such as flours, as well as cereals. You could also put some grains and similar stuff into plastic pots as well. Don't limit your imagination!

The next thing to do: baskets. Snacks, condiments, and baking stuff are all kept in wicker baskets. Adorable paper gift tags are placed on Kourtney's so she can easily figure out where her stuff is. The next thing is the tea organizer, which is used to stock tea bags, sugar packages, or even spices, and is a great organizational tool. 

That is pretty much it — give a designated place to everything and you will come across as a more structured person with an esthetically appealing kitchen. The reusable straws and chip clips are awesome, too!