Would You Dare Try This 24 Karat Gold Pizza for $2,000?

Published on October 15, 2021

New York City isn't any stranger to pizzas, but with dollar-per-slice shops at almost all corners, newcomers must attempt to make themselves look better... Including a significant increase in the price tag. 

Inspired by the adjacent Wall St, the Industry Kitchen on South St was inspired by their neighbors for a 24K pizza that costs precisely $2,000. 

What might make a pizza so expensive? The dough with the squid ink first rests fo 48h. It is followed by Stilton cheese, 24 Karat golden leaf, caviar, truffles, and foie gras toppings. The outcome is a shiny and pungent pizza, as rich as those who ordered it (the restaurant says two pizzas have been consumed since they were added to the menu). While we can conclude that your local pizzeria has more stuff for your wallet, should you find out that a huge amount of money from a deceased relative has recently been transferred to your possession, this could be a very convenient first stop.