Crucial Cooking Tips From Nigella Lawson

Published on March 26, 2021

Nigella Lawson gives readers a preview of her go-to recipes in her new cookbook, At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking. The top 5 tips are here.

Don’t pour potato water down the drain

In adding to her wonderful garlic potato mashed recipe, Nigella has a perfect multi-tasking tip: Using water in which the potatoes have been cooked to produce “the best vegetable soup in the world,” and she says that if you do not want the broth on that particular day, you can store it for up to five days.

Make your own rice cooker

Nigella says rice is best cooked using a cooker of rice. Do you not own one? Just put a tea towel over your rice pot and place the lid back on it (the towel soaks up the rice's steam to prevent it from falling on the grains creating clumps). 

Tasting as you cook is the most important rule

Even though you execute a formula to the letter, try the food as you go to make sure your meal is seasoned to perfection. “You cannot cook without tasting,” Nigella says. And do not be frightened to change a recipe to suit the tastebuds of your own.

never let your mashed potatoes go to waste

Forget your shepherd's pie, press your waffle together for the crispy potato waffles if you have piles of mashed potatoes left. These replace hash browns on lazy weekend nights. 

Put your spiralizer to work and make fries

Nigella never uses her spiralizer to create noodles of courgette or sweet potatoes, since she is a huge fan of comfort food. But she used to make really good shoestring fries (for a double dosage of potato goodness), great on their own or piled on top sandwiches.