You Wouldn't Believe What Plants You Can Regrow in Your House -
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You Wouldn't Believe What Plants You Can Regrow in Your House

This is the trend over the world wide web: green onions and their regrowth. Checking their development each morning is quick and unexpectedly amusing. But you can regrow so much more than green onions! Six vegetables thrive with only a few drops of water, sunlight, and, in certain situations, dirt.

You Wouldn't Believe What Plants You Can Regrow in Your House

Green Onions

Green onions are the fastest-growing plants. And effortless as well! Only add a little more than 1 inch of the roots to something like a shallow bowl or pot. Fill with water surrounding about halfway up to the white part. 


In the interests of regenerating romaine lettuce as well as other lettuce, put the roots in a bowl of water and fill it with at least 1 "of water. After several days, it will begin to grow.


The cabbage grows similar to the romaine. Save a bump with the core and put it in 1 "of water and transfer it to the soil after leaves have sprouted.


Leeks are associated with green onions so it should be no mystery to replicate the process as easily as possible. Drop into a jar of water halfway down the leek. Leeks can take time to develop because they are far larger than green onions.

Carrot Tops

Take the end of the root of the carrot off, put it in a tiny bowl of water. The carrot does not grow back! The leaves that do grow back can be garnished, used in a salad, or even converted into pesto. 


Celery is just like romaine as well as cabbage. After the leaves have sprouted, give it a week or so, and change the water every few days. After that, it is time to plant back into the ground. You can even use the plant in salads or even as a garnish. 

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