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3 Tips to Present Your Food Like a Pro

They say first impressions count and rightly so. When it comes to food, the presentation is as important as the taste. Presenting the food in a way that makes it visually appealing is an art that chefs learn to master. While it might take time and effort to arrange the food on the plate in a professional manner, it is definitely worth it. So, are you ready to present your food like a pro? Here are 3 tips to get started.

1. Let One Item be the Centre of Attention

Just like an interesting photograph has the focus on a subject, so should your plate, say experts. When you have a single item as the focus, it draws attention and so we recommend that you choose the main dish for the purpose – be it chicken, fish or a sandwich. Once you have your star item in place, the rest of the styling should be about adding to its appeal.

2. Go by the Clock Rule

Wondering what a clock has to do with food presentation? Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that the Clock Rule is an easy trick to style food plates that look inviting. The chefs start with imagining the empty food plate as the face of a clock and then place specific items at pre-defined locations on the “clock face”. For example, you place carbohydrates at 11 o’clock, vegetables at 2 o’clock and the main dish at 6 o’clock. 

3 Tips to Present Your Food Like a Pro

3. Fine Crockery Adds to the Visual Appeal

The crockery serves as the canvas for the art of food presentation and adds oodles to its visual appeal. While it goes without saying that the plates should be clean and free of cracks, there are other factors to consider. For example, the size of the plate should be proportionate to the volume of the dish. A plate too small will make the presentation appear crowded, while a plate that’s too large would make the portion appear tiny.

These food presentation tips above will help you get started on designing food plates like a professional chef. 

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