You Wouldn't Believe These Foods are Made of Quinoa

Published on October 7, 2021

Quinoa is not just part of your salad anymore. You'll find it in chips, mac and cheese, and even in chocolate bars. It's hard to get enough of quinoa. 

Have quinoa for breakfast with the Melanie’s Medleys, a line of everyday grain bowls ready to eat, with a selection of chocolate and almond quinoa as well as farro— or try the instant quinoa cereal of Prime Planet. 

The Tiny Hero brand also offers the blueberry blend, the apple cinnamon, and the maple brown sugar, three flavors of quinoa, and a bowl of oats. This particular brand also brings quinoa in a mac and cheese form. 

Chuao Chocolatier presents Moon Bark as an outdoor range, with trail mixed bars like Quinoa Berry Skies with crumpled quinoa, berries as well as sea salt. 

In one of Jcoco's 'Culinary Influenced Chocolates' sweets, quinoa mixed with agave and sesame. 

Unreal is offering M&M's and Reese's quinoa versions of butter cups. A product line named Undercover Quinoa with chocolate-covered quinoa treats may be the most flagrant example of this phenomenon.