You Wouldn't Believe What Goes Inside the Texas Popcorn Made by Selena Gomez

Published on October 20, 2021

Outside the show's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" studio, Selena Gomez was surprised with a cake for her 18th birthday. The Disney star was presented with a giant red velvet cupcake and tall white candles on top of it as she performed on the show on Wednesday night, July 21, in a pure strapless dress, with golden shoes and orderly hair. 

While speaking with Jimmy Fallon, her show-host, Selena, as she came from Texas, shared a recipe for her very own "Texas popcorn." Selena, who got a bag of popcorn from Jimmy began putting plenty of Tabasco sauce into and then a pinch of salt to go with it. Selena started mixing all the ingredients she required together with the popcorn. 

Jimmy, who was not confident at first about the thought of plunging this new mix that Selena made into pickle juice, was then rather amazed, saying, "I really like it a lot. It's fantastic."