Here is the Best Winter Squash Recipe -
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Here is the Best Winter Squash Recipe

Winter squash is a squash that grows during the winter and gets insufficient attention. Its small dimensions make it much easier to manage and cook much quicker than other squashes. When grilled, the squash is smooth and mild and we can not ignore the taste of the beautiful slices!   

Here is the Best Winter Squash Recipe

Can I eat this squash with the skin? 

Absolutely! The skin of the Delicata is exquisite and safe to eat. Before roasting, wash the squash for some time as the skin is covered in wax that is used for squash preservation.   

When can I buy this winter squash? 

During autumn and winter, the winter squash makes its way on to the shelves. It belongs to the same season as butternut, pumpkin, and acorn. 

How should my delicate squash be seasoned? 

It's enjoyable with both sweet or savory spices, like most squashes. Curry powder is our most preferred way of roasting it, but you can also include cinnamon as well!

To make the most stunning roasted winter squash you will need a couple of squashes that you had washed well and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Season to taste with curry powder, salt, and black pepper. Good luck!

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